Im ChickLit am 14.12.2014, 16 Uhr, Undocumented … ,,

Undocumented: Sanctuary City Toronto and the Architecture of Migrant Detention.
Book launch/ Discussion event with migrant justice organizer and architect Tings Chak.

Approximately 200.000 residents with precarious immigration status are currently living in Toronto. A migration regime which is becoming more restrictive every year is continually pushing people into precarious status. Various community groups are actively fighting for more justice and their right to stay. In 2013, after years of struggle and organizing by community groups, the Toronto city council declared Toronto a “Sanctuary City“: All public services provided by the city must be accessible for all residents, regardless of their immigration status. An „Access Without Fear“ policy prohibits city staff to inquire immigration status or to forward respective information to other authorities. The Solidarity City Network fights for status for all, the proper implementation of the policy and for its extension to provincial and federal services.

Tings Chak is a migrant justice organizer with No One is Illegal Toronto and architect in Toronto. She is also part of the Solidarity City Network. Her work focus is on migrant detention facilities. She is supporting the struggles of people in immigration detention and those institutions are also central to her research and design work. She recently published the graphic novel “undocumented: the architecture of migrant detention.” As part of her Europe book tour she will stop in Vienna to present her new book and discuss about current developments and campaigns in Canada and Europe.

Workshop from 4 to 7 p.m.
Organized by Prekärcafé