SFU Campus Prater am 27. Mai 2019: Feminist activism and solidarity across borders

Feminist activism and solidarity across borders

Chandra Talpade Mohanty in conversation with Nikita Dhawan

Monday, 27th May 2019, 19:00
Festsaal der Sigmund Freud Universität, Campus Prater, Freudplatz 1,1020 Wien

Registration: office@frauensolidaritaet.org

How to build alliances across borders without entrenching hegemonic feminist agendas or paternalizing those interpellated as receivers of solidarity? What challenges do postcolonial, decolonial, queer, feminists face in reconciling the personal with the political, the local with the global? Can norms of freedom and justice be reappropriated from neoliberal and neoconservative forces? What kind of epistemological insights and ethical practices do anticapitalist, antiracist feminist struggles of women of color from the Global South draw on? How is transnational feminist politics transformed through an engagement with postcolonial and decolonial feminist genealogies and intersectional methodology? Drawing on cross-generational histories of feminist activism, Chandra Talpade Mohanty will discuss her recent book co-edited with Linda E. Carty „Feminist Freedom Warriors: Genealogies, Justice, Politics, and Hope“ with Nikita Dhawan and address the challenges facing economic, anti-racist, social justice, and anti-capitalist struggles across national borders.


Further Infos: http://www.frauensolidaritaet.org/mohanty